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ICBC Physiotherapy At Reform PT

One of the main reasons for physiotherapy treatments at our clinic in Burnaby is a motor vehicle accident (MVA). In most cases, patients recover from injuries with the help of a mix of massage therapy and kinesiology. Our registered physiotherapists have treated typical MVA-related ailments thanks to years of expertise.

ICBC will cover and pay for everyone hurt in the accident, including any rider, cyclist, or pedestrian who was injured. If you live in Burnaby, and have met with an accident involving a registered and insured vehicle in British Columbia. You are more than welcome to visit our Burnaby ICBC Physiotherapy Clinic. ICBC will always be there to lend a helping hand if you are involved in an MVA. By presenting to us your prescription receipt, on which the doctor has indicated that you need physiotherapy treatments, you can quickly request payment for your care.

If you suffer injuries in a car accident, ICBC will cover your medical bills, the salary that you are missing, and rehabilitation fees. ICBC pays up to $300,000 of your medical costs and covers physiotherapy treatments as part of your rehabilitation services.

Burnaby ICBC Physiotherapy

How Should I Begin My ICBC Claim?

There are just a few easy steps you should follow in order to get benefits from your ICBC insurance plan. The actions to take after a car accident are listed below.

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Make A Claim ICBC Physiotherapy Treatment Plan

After your accident, call the ICBC center at (604) 520-8222 to report your injuries, or go to their official website,, and fill out their simple online application. After ICBC has acknowledged your claim, they will provide you with an Insurance Claim Number; you must use this number to begin getting physiotherapy treatment.

Talk To A Reform PT Registered Physiotherapist

You can then schedule a first evaluation with one of our registered physiotherapists in Burnaby. We are open from Monday through Sunday, and walk-ins are welcome for your convenience. You can also reach our North Burnaby ICBC Physiotherapy Clinic by dialling 778-522-0343. You can contact us by email at or by text at 778-522 -0343

Start Physiotherapy For Your Injury

As soon as you're prepared to receive treatment, ICBC immediately gives you permission for 25 physiotherapy sessions. ICBC will cover the first 12 weeks of recovery treatment costs. Our support team at Reform PT will get in touch with the patient's ICBC claims adjuster and request permission to continue with the treatment program if your health necessitates additional treatment sessions. However, ICBC will grant the request for patients who have an urgent need.

Want to schedule a consultation at Burnaby ICBC Physiotherapy Clinic? Dial 778-522-0343 to speak with us about the best option. We will help you achieve a happy and pain-free lifestyle.

Why Should You Seek Physiotherapy For Injuries From A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Physiotherapists are qualified individuals with years of experience in the medical industry, so they have extensive knowledge about the human body and how to care for it. The top five reasons for seeing a physiotherapist after a car accident are mentioned below.

Registered Physiotherapy For Motor Vehicle Accidents

Support Healing Process

Road accidents can be complicated; for some patients, returning to regular life after an injury will take some time. Pain, restricted range of motion, stiffness, migraines, and chronic headaches and headaches are among the common injuries sustained in auto accidents. Patients must therefore receive physiotherapy care because it allows them to return to their everyday lives faster. Qualified Physiotherapists assist patients with their customized therapeutic exercise programs, which speed up the healing process by boosting their physical stamina and flexibility, which reduces discomfort and makes them feel better and more at ease.

Avoid long-term Damages

In addition to strengthening the body, physical therapy increases the body’s flexibility and suppleness, which aids in faster healing after injuries. This helps to stop long-term harm, including migraines and chronic discomfort. A car accident victim’s body may sustain lasting damage if improper care is not given to them. A physiotherapy treatment plan will relieve your pain and strengthen the area of your body that was injured, allowing you to live a healthy, flexible life for years if you start it as soon as possible after the accident.

It Helps to Lessen Pain

Being physically active can help you recover much more quickly than bed rest, making you sluggish and possibly leading to many other problems. Your muscles will relax when you’re active, which will relieve your pain. With the right exercise, you may maintain your level of activity while improving the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the wounded area, which will aid in the body’s natural ability to heal. Our skilled physiotherapists in Burnaby offer patients specialized, one-of-a-kind training regimens that help them feel better faster.

Keep the Patient Out of Surgery

Because of the tissue damage caused by severe auto accident injuries, surgery may be necessary immediately after the accident to prevent further complications. Through their unique training regimen, which strengthens muscles and tissues, physiotherapists can keep you from needing another surgery.

Restore Normal Bodily Functions

A physiotherapy treatment plan might still benefit you if your accident occurred years ago. Your body will recover from old automobile injuries’ effects on its function by becoming more mobile and flexible, thanks to physiotherapy.

Best Burnaby ICBC Physiotherapy

 Being one of the most professional Burnaby ICBC physiotherapy, Reform PT can assist those injured in traffic accidents. In addition to providing our top-notch services to our clients in British Columbia, we are also pros at handling ICBC claims.

 The best recovery occurs, according to experts, when the management system and the treatment are coordinated and efficient. Our efficient and caring services make our Burnaby Physiotherapy clinic the best place for you! Please contact us by phone, email, or walk-in at any of our clinics in Burnaby if you need effective treatment to begin the road to recovery following your injury. Our clinic at Burnaby can change your life!

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