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Low Level Laser Therapy

What is Low Level Laser Therapy or Laser Therapy?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) photoemits photons of light energy with different wavelengths in the visible and infrared spectrum to promote tissue healing and reduce pain, as defined by the North American Association of Laser Therapy.

As it emits light energy, this will then penetrate the skin and be absorbed by the mitochondria of cells (of all types). Then, this light energy will be converted into biochemical energy to help restore normal cell function. This process may take about 24 hours.

Laser Therapy Burnaby

Our Laser treatment is an evidenced-based, opioid-free, and practical pain relief therapy for sports, surgical rehabilitation, and anybody suffering from musculoskeletal discomfort. Being one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Burnaby, we can help you reclaim your life using laser therapy for pain at ReformPT.

At our Burnaby Physiotherapy clinic, we use laser therapy to treat degenerative and traumatic injuries, which is most successful when combined with physical therapy and exercise. We have seen great success in treating inflammatory problems such as peripheral neuropathy, bursitis/capsulitis, strains, sprains, and repetitive motion injuries.

What are the effects of LLLT?

The following are a few of the main advantages of utilizing laser therapy:

Laser Therapy For Pain Relief

Laser therapy works by using photobiomodulation to treat pain and inflammation. Light photons enter your tissue, which interacts with cytochrome c inside your mitochondria. This interaction generates a chain of events that result in a biological reaction that can aid in the treatment of pain and inflammation. Cold Laser Therapy is both safe and effective for a wide range of issues, including sports injuries, arthritic diseases, and chronic soft tissue disorders.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is a relatively new therapy that has been used for over 20 years to treat a variety of ailments, including soft tissue injuries and pain due to arthritis. This light energy might assist in the breakdown of damaged tissue and the activation of cells that need repair. It may help with muscular, tendon, and ligament injuries as well as discomfort, inflammation, and swelling reduction.

Major Conditions Treated by Laser Therapy

Various musculoskeletal conditions can be helped by LLLT, based on studies done. Additionally, some of the major conditions that this modality can treat are:

Low Level Laser Therapy Burnaby BC
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How Does Laser Therapy Work?

The Laser light with a wavelength of 660nm–905nm applied produces biochemical changes within the cellular levels similar to photosynthesis in plants. Light wavelength applied between the red, and near-infrared region can penetrate skin and tissues and better affect pain, inflammation, reduce swelling,and aid tissue repair . Low-intensity light treatment is beneficial for providing pain relief and can help speed up the body’s ability to heal injured structures.

Burnaby Physio Clinic
For Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy At ReformPT Physio Burnaby

At ReformPT Physiotherapy Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing you and your loved ones with first-class laser therapy to ease paid. Based in Burnaby with serving the Lower Mainland area, we prioritize your health above all else. We want to make this treatment available for anyone who suffers from chronic pain regularly.

At our physio in Burnaby, we utilize cutting-edge technology and tried-and-true methods to help you address a wide range of problems. Our working hours are flexible for individuals who have busy schedules or must travel to work. Please contact us to discover what our talented team of specialists can do for you in terms of enhancing your health..

We utilize the Phototherapy Treatment Systems as part of our physiotherapy treatment at Reform PT. This is vital to help our patients live a healthy, natural, and pain-free life.

Accelerated tissue healing, reduced pain, and decreased edema and inflammation are only a few benefits of using Low level laser and Phototherapy Treatments. This modern technology provides patients with improved treatment results for many major conditions. The exact frequency of treatment may vary. It will depend on the patient’s assessment results and the condition that needs to be treated.

For Acute Conditions:

The first week can be daily or 3 times per week. Then after that, it can be 2 to 3 times per week.

For Chronic Conditions:

It can be 2 to 3 times per week, up to 15 to 25 treatments. Improving the accumulative effects of LLLT and outcomes by following a regular treatment regimen is also possible.

Is Low-light Laser Therapy Safe?

Low-intensity light treatment is non-invasive, painless, and safe to use. LLLT is well tolerated by patients of all ages.

What are Precautions and Contraindications for use with LLLT?

There are no negative side effects associated with having a Low-Level Laser Light Therapy physiotherapy treatment. However, there are certain precautions to take, such as –

Eyes: Because LLLT generates strong light, each person should utilize protective eyewear in the room to safeguard themselves. During the treatment, safety glasses are given to all patients.

Cancer: LLLT is not commonly used to cancerous tissues, unless the patient is also receiving chemotherapy. However, it may be considered as a palliative measure for terminally-ill cancer patients who are experiencing pain relief.

Epilepsy: Pregnancy: LLLT cannot be applied directly to the developing fetus because it may induce a seizure.

Precautions and Contraindications for use with LLLT
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