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Massage Therapy Burnaby

The Best Massage Therapy Burnaby

Registered Massage Therapy Burnaby (RMT)

Reform Physiotherapy Clinic offers professional Registered Massage Therapy Burnaby. Our Registered Massage Therapists Burnaby (RMTs) are highly qualified experts devoted to restoring and upholding their patients’ optimal wellness. RMTs in Burnaby, BC, have gone through intensive massage therapy training.

It included both theoretical instruction and hands-on experience based on scholarly evidence. As a result, they have gained a thorough knowledge of their field.

The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC) regulates the massage therapy profession. This is to uphold public safety and ensure high professional competency. Registered Massage Therapists in BC must take 24 hours of approved continuing education courses every two years. This is to ensure they stay up to date with their skills.

In contrast to those not registered massage therapists, RMTs take a meticulous approach when beginning their massage therapy treatments. They assess your current physical condition and health history, as well as the results of the pre-treatment examination.

Then massage therapists will design an individualized treatment plan tailored just for you at our Burnaby physiotherapy clinic. They give attention to relaxation and mild tension release. And also work with you closely by carefully considering all aspects of your wellbeing.

At your next appointment with our Burnaby RMTs, they will provide instructions on continuing to care for yourself. And advice on when it is time for a subsequent visit. During each follow-up session, make sure to discuss both the result of previous treatment and your home care plan to ensure maximum therapeutic results.

REFORM Physiotherapy Clinic in Burnaby

RMT Burnaby BC

Our team of Registered Massage Therapists in Burnaby is knowledgeable and capable of addressing anyone’s needs. Please book an appointment today or call us for information on the treatments we offer. You can bill our massage therapy clinic Burnaby directly to your extended health care plans!

Have you heard that Registered Massage Therapy Burnaby (RMT) is only for stress relief and relaxation?

If so, it’s time to update your knowledge! While many RMTs specialize in aiding those struggling with stress-related issues, the full scope of what this healthcare profession can offer is much greater than simply massage or bodywork.

This advanced medical practice holds many benefits – beyond mere relaxation – just waiting to be discovered.

Registered Massage Therapy Burnaby

Our goal at Massage Therapy Burnaby clinic is to improve soft tissue and joint health. We do this by manipulating connective tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons with therapeutic exercise. Numerous techniques are available so that we can accelerate injury recovery while minimizing pain as well as showcasing improved movement performance.

What Does Registered Massage Therapist (RMT ) Treat?

Massage Therapy is a powerful treatment that can provide relief from injuries, medical conditions, and emotional issues. Many people opt for massage therapy to address their symptoms or health concerns, such as:
If you suffer from the above conditions, please book your appointment with our registered physiotherapy Burnaby clinic.

Why Choose Our Burnaby Massage Therapists?

Massage therapists use massage treatments to attend to patients’ aches, injuries, and other medical issues. Here is a brief overview of the duties that our massage therapy Burnaby clinic performs:
Before beginning their practice, massage therapists often require a certain level of training. Additionally, they are usually highly trained in the following:
  • CommunicationMassage therapists must possess exceptional communication capabilities to properly understand their client’s needs and develop the most suitable treatment plans. Moreover, they should be well-versed in delivering informative content so that customers are equipped with all the education and resources necessary for their journey towards health.
  • Professionalism: Massage therapists must possess professional skills to construct a pleasant customer atmosphere.
  • Physical stamina: Massage therapists must be physically vigorous to bear the lengthy amount of time practiced on their feet and utilize strength when performing massage techniques.
  • Empathy: Massage practitioners must possess the technical skills to provide relief or assistance with medical conditions and have a compassionate and understanding approach to empathize with their clients. Empathy is essential for these therapists, as it allows them to form an emotional connection and understand what their patients are going through on a deeper level.
  • Professional development: Outstanding massage therapists understand the importance of self-improvement and ongoing education, as it is crucial for them to maintain their registration or licensing.

If you are looking for the best massage therapy Burnaby, visit our active rehab in Burnaby. We offer various treatments including, registered physiotherapist, dry needling, active rehabilitation and sports injuries.

How Does RMT Treatment Work?

Massage therapy treatments include hands-on techniques such as myofascial trigger point release, joint mobilizations, myofascial release petrissage, and manual lymphatic drainage. In certain situations, they might also utilize tools like Graston, cupping, vibrators, or thumpers to target particular needs better.

How Often Should You Visit Massage Therapy Burnaby?

Depending on the demands of your daily life, job duties, or any physical strain or injuries you may have experienced, it is difficult to specify an exact frequency for massage treatments.

Your body’s needs must be considered to devise a plan tailored specifically for you.

We typically recommend weekly or bi-weekly massage therapies for a relaxed state of mind, satisfaction and optimal health. That said, this may change depending on each patient’s specific conditions. Speak with your registered massage therapist to figure out the best plan that suits you perfectly!

Benefits Of Massage Therapy Burnaby

Massage is a natural, effective way to manage injuries, alleviate stress, and promote overall wellness. By improving blood circulation and mental health while reducing built-up tension in the body, massage can realign your joints and muscles for improved recovery time.

It has even been known to resolve chronic conditions such as headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and neck problems. Utilizing massage therapy to achieve optimum wellbeing is an option you’ll be glad you chose! Visit our pain clinic in Burnaby today!

The Best Physio in Burnaby

What Makes Our Registered Massage Therapists Burnaby Different?

Their philosophy is rooted in the belief that pain is a sign of an underlying issue within your body. This typically stems from a movement pattern disorder created by weakness or discomfort and can be caused by injury, trauma, repetitive movements, or sustained posture.

The body will pull strength from whatever resources it has to remain balanced and stable, which can be damaging in the long run. Doing this for too long can lead to tissue damage and pain.

Though effective, there are more sustainable solutions than this as the body remains exposed to potential injury. To restore health and remove pain, assessment of your condition is essential.

Our Burnaby massage therapists are committed to helping you get back up and running with their thorough assessment-focused treatments, functional movement screens, orthopedic tests, and muscular testing.

Being passionate about creating positive change through effective treatments that last is what drives them every day. With the help of our manual therapy, you can relieve pain and restore your health in no time!

RMT vs. LMT: Differences Between Types of Massage Therapists

Professional massage therapists use specific massage procedures to help their clients alleviate pain and heal from injuries. Medical practitioners of this kind are divided into licensed massage therapists (LMTs) and registered massage therapists (RMTs).

When exploring massage therapy Burnaby, two professional titles stand out. The non-registered and registered massage therapists are both experienced in providing therapeutic treatments to their clients; however, the level of expertise between them varies significantly.

When weighing your options between a non-registered massage therapist or a registered one, you must factor in both cost and the kind of treatment you require. Non-registered therapists are generally more economical but may provide niche services.

Whereas RMTs deliver comprehensive treatments that can be personalized for each person. Ensure you are confident in the credentials and qualifications of your chosen Burnaby massage therapist. This is essential before making any decisions.

When deciding between a registered and non-registered massage therapist, it is essential to consider all of your available options before making your choice.

Both types have the potential to offer relief from physical pain and emotional stress, so thorough research can help you find qualified professionals who are capable of providing effective treatment.

No matter which type of massage therapy you settle on, taking the time to evaluate your choices properly will guarantee that you receive excellent care.

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