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Physiotherapy For Work-Related Injuries

WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation - Burnaby, BC

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ReformPT has been chosen as part of the esteemed network of WorkSafeBC physiotherapists to help those suffering from Work-Related Injuries, aiding them in both relieving their symptoms and recovering from accidents.

Unfortunately, yet all too common, workplace injuries often stem from slips and falls, awkward steps, tripping hazards, heavy lifting with repetition, or accidents. Resulting disorders typically include:

With their deep expertise, our Burnaby physiotherapists have been aiding WorkSafeBC patients with successful recoveries and restoring them to full occupational capacity securely and efficiently for years. Let us assist you through your Work-Related Injuries today!

Physiotherapy for Work-Related Injuries

How to Proceed with Work Injury Rehabilitation?

At REformPT Physiotherapy, we strive to present something special for WorkSafeBC patients. We don’t just depend on passive modalities and heat; instead, our physio experts are ready to treat Work-Related Injuries with manual therapy and sophisticated treatments such as IMS or Shockwave Therapy!

Our team of physiotherapy professionals has extensive experience treating Work-Related Injuries and aiding patients in a safe, full recovery. Graded prescribed rehabilitation exercise is essential for boosting healing and accelerating the mending process of soft tissue. We strive to create an integrated environment that fosters patient recovery with ease.

Your Physiotherapist will ensure you are prepared to take on any light or modified tasks and always obtain your consent before creating a return to work schedule.

WorkSafeBC Coverage FAQ:

Workplace Injury Physiotherapy

Experiencing Work-Related Injuries can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. It’s often challenging to understand the compensation regulations and deal with extended absences from work. Furthermore, it takes work to face the filing process for claims. Taking time off of work due to this incident is only sometimes convenient and desirable.

Injuries affect not just you physically but also emotionally and mentally. Prompt medical attention is essential to ensure your well-being, whether it’s a result of an accident or something like muscle strain, repetitive strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or tendonitis.

After sustaining an injury on the job, taking a step toward healing is essential. At our physiotherapy clinic in Burnaby, we offer physiotherapy services from experienced professionals who are committed to helping you reach your full potential and return to work as soon as possible.

We understand that returning to normal functioning levels after an incident can be difficult, but with our team of specialists, rest assured that progress will be made in no time!

Pelvic Floor Exercises
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WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy For Workplace Injury Rehabilitation - Burnaby, BC.

Our experienced physiotherapists will create a unique treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and help you restore your optimal performance. We strive to build an empathetic connection with our patients, considering all aspects of their injury- physical, psychological, and emotional. During this challenging period, we are here for support and physical relief from pain and discomfort.

A key component of physiotherapy is teaching you how to maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle. This includes exercise, nutrition tips, and other wellness advice. Going through such an immense life change can be difficult, so taking care of your body as it begins its healing journey is important – good health will lead to quicker results!

Burnaby Physio Clinic For Work Injuries

Our Approach and Technique For Work-Related Injuries

Tailored to each patient’s needs and injury, physiotherapy offers a comprehensive range of approaches and techniques for delivering optimum treatment. We begin the process by assessing our patients to determine what help is needed, establish realistic short-term and long-term goals, and discern the most effective methods for achieving those objectives.

Let our physiotherapy services help you recover from work-related injuries and get back to your daily activities quickly.

From massage therapy and acupuncture to promoting circulation, relaxation, and pain management – there’s no shortage of physiotherapy methods. With the perfect program tailored to your needs, you’ll be able to get back on track in record time.

Work Hardening

To assist you in returning back to your job after an injury or accident related to work, we also offer work hardening. Our focused and goal-oriented techniques involve simulated activities that will help you regain the physical capabilities needed for the job.

Our work injury rehabilitation services are designed to get you back into the swing of things before returning to work. By utilizing tools similar to those in an average workplace and creating a setting comparable to your job, we can help build up strength and adjustability for 8-hour days with ease.

Every individual patient’s plan is tailored to their specific needs, and we measure abilities diligently. We have extensive tools available to guarantee that each person receives the best care possible. Working with you throughout the process ensures maximized accuracy of results every step of the way.

By partaking in work hardening, you can be sure to experience the comfort and competence necessary to resume your pre-injury activities. With a comprehensive physiotherapy program, you are guaranteed to feel ready and eager for your job!

Are You Recovering from a Work-Related Injury?

Get Back to Your Job Faster with Physiotherapy For Work-Related Injuries

Are you suffering from a workplace injury? Don’t worry; ReformPT Physiotherapy is here to help. We understand that work injuries can be difficult: they can cause physical, emotional, and financial distress if you are unable to return to your job quickly. Let us assist in your recovery so that you get back on the job as soon as possible!

The significance of physiotherapy in the recovery process for work injuries is immense, especially since workers’ compensation insurance often provides treatment plans.

Prompt treatment is key when seeking the best possible action plan for your individual needs; hence, it’s critical to see a physiotherapist as soon as possible.

Physiotherapy Treatment Can Decrease Your Recovery Time

Physiotherapy is a natural, secure, and swift approach to recuperating from work-related injuries. In numerous situations, it eliminates the requirement for prescription drugs or surgery that may have hazardous side effects. It helps employees of all ages quickly regain their strength with excellent efficiency following an injury sustained on duty.

At ReformPT Physiotherapy, we use cutting-edge techniques to relieve pain, enhance mobility, and optimize health. Our physiotherapists in Burnaby are dedicated to developing a tailored care program just for you while also helping you learn how to work safely to prevent work-related injury.

How did I get hurt at work?

In the event of an injury in your workplace, it is vital to seek medical attention immediately, as any unresolved damage will likely worsen over time.

The workplace can be dangerous for those in construction, law enforcement, and nursing. A workplace injury is any accident or ailment that occurs to an employee while on the job due to hazardous conditions.

Surprisingly, even office tasks can lead to job-related accidents – because sitting in one spot for long durations of time takes its toll on your body. Individuals employed in offices or warehouses are exposed to recurring work-related injuries because their jobs inherently necessitate repetitive motions.

Treatment can start today. Give us a call!

Make an appointment at our Burnaby physiotherapy Clinic – you won’t regret it! Our team is ready and excited to assist in your pain relief and healing journey. Click here now to start down the road toward feeling great again.

At ReformPT Physiotherapy, we strive to get you back on your feet and live life as normal in the shortest amount of time possible. Our specialists can even work alongside your worker’s compensation caseworker so that you receive all the treatments necessary for a swift recovery.

leading physiotherapy clinic for advanced physical therapy services and treatments.

Common Work-Related Injuries

Unfortunately, work-related injuries can be triggered by many factors and types.

Some of the most common work-related injuries include:

Back Pain

Aching backs are the most frequent complaint heard in doctor’s offices and can easily be attributed to various types of job-related duties.

For example, sitting idle throughout the day can cause back pain. Similarly, over-exerting your back by repeatedly lifting heavy objects incorrectly may also lead to discomfort.

If you are struggling with back pain, ReformPT highly recommends seeking early physiotherapy as a cost-effective treatment. This is because the majority of back injuries tend to arise from rotating or improperly twisting one’s body when lifting items. Don’t let your Work-Related Injuries go untreated – get help before it worsens!

Auto Accidents

If your job calls for driving, the risk of a motor vehicle accident injury is ever-present. Such work-related car accidents can result in various types of injuries, from minor scrapes and bruises to broken bones or even whiplash, which may be severe.

Physiotherapy can immensely benefit your post-accident recovery, mitigating discomfort and swelling while recuperating your movement range.


Repetitive motions and overexertion of particular body parts can lead to the painful condition known as tendinitis. If you experience tenderness, discomfort, or swelling in your knees, elbows, or shoulders, then it is likely that you are suffering from this treatable affliction. Fortunately, physiotherapy is an effective treatment for those affected by this disorder.

Sprains and Strains

Sporadic or consistent trauma, such as a fall from a ladder or repetitive movements, can bring about strains and sprains to the tendons and ligaments.

Injuries may also arise from misusing equipment. Our Burnaby Physiotherapy can help you reduce or eradicate the pain that comes with an injured tendon or ligament – regardless of how it came about. With expert physiotherapists, they will equip you to manage any discomfort and get back on your feet in no time at all!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Repetitive movements can eventually cause the median nerve in the wrist to become compressed, resulting in Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Even the most mundane activities, such as typing or factory work, can lead to severe carpal tunnel syndrome. According to Harvard Health’s findings, seeking proper medical attention at the earliest stage of this disorder is crucial to avert permanent harm to your nerves.

Strengthening your hand and forearm muscles and increasing flexibility through targeted stretches can be essential components of a successful physical therapy program. Our team of devoted physiotherapists at Burnaby, BC, is committed to helping you lead a pain-free life.

WorkSafeBC Work-Related Injuries

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After being involved in Work-Related Injuries, ReformPT can help you return to optimal physical and mental health. Let us assist in your recovery journey today!

Now is the time to get in touch with us and start your journey toward recovery from any work-related injuries through our professional physiotherapy for Work-Related Injuries services.

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