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Virtual Physiotherapy / Tele-Rehabilitation

Tele-Rehabilitation Services Burnaby

At REFORM Physiotherapy clinic, we currently utilize a tele-rehabilitation/ virtual physiotherapy platform to stay in touch and assist our patients. This lets us conduct video conferences for follow-ups, education, and exercise programs. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, and we will be happy to help you with your ongoing physiotherapy requirements.

What is Tele-Rehabilitation?

Tele-rehabilitation is the application of telehealth technologies to physiotherapy, ranging from conventional videoconferencing to sensors, chat/text, educational portals, and other techniques. The most common type of tele-rehabilitation is virtual care, which involves replicating one-on-one physiotherapy via videoconferencing.

What is Virtual Physiotherapy?

Tele-rehabilitation, or virtual care physiotherapy, is a method of delivering physiotherapy services remotely via video chats. Whether you have difficulties leaving your home due to physical limitations or simply want the convenience of receiving treatment when you choose, you may connect with one of our experienced Burnaby physiotherapists for a 1-on-1 session at any time. Virtual Physiotherapy maintains the same level of safety, effectiveness, and ethical integrity as traditional visits.


What Types Of Situations Should Physiotherapists Use Virtual Care For?

Virtual care is most effective when physical activity, education, self-management training, and monitoring are the primary strategies employed to achieve therapeutic goals. These sorts of therapy are readily convertible to the virtual environment with a little imagination.

For example, virtual care for orthopedic surgical recovery through progressive ROM, strength, functional activities, self-mobilization, and education has resulted in comparable results as physical visits for various ailments.

What Can You Expect During Your Tele-Rehabilitation Or Virtual Physiotherapy?

Sessions will last 30 – 45 minutes and will be one-on-one virtual physiotherapy sessions. The following are examples of sessions that may be conducted:

Before your Tele-rehabilitation appointment:

You will be sent an email before your appointment with instructions on how to link up to your Physiotherapist.

Virtual Care Physiotherapy
Virtual Physiotherapy Burnaby

What are the benefits of Tele-rehabilitation?

  • Social distancing
  • Continuity of treatment in a situation where face-to-face appointments are not feasible.
  • Real-time treatment in a secure and safe environment
  • Improved access to healthcare
  • Extended Health Benefits

What are the limitations of virtual physiotherapy?

  • Inability to conduct in-person, hands-on assessments and therapies.

What do you need?

  • Access to a laptop, computer, tablet, or phone
  • Internet connection
  • Clear area to perform exercises
  • Headphones may be helpful

About Virtual Physiotherapy (Tele-Rehabilitation or Tele-Health)

You may now connect remotely with our Burnaby Physiotherapy Clinic through virtual physiotherapy services, which employ video conference technology to deliver care at a distance if in-person services aren’t accessible or you can’t reach a clinic.
Our virtual physiotherapy services are simple to utilize, discreet, and, most importantly, readily available.

FAQs - Virtual Physiotherapy Burnaby

Given the present state of COVID-19, virtual physiotherapy (Tele-rehabilitation for patients) is an excellent alternative for people who want to avoid visiting a Burnaby physiotherapy clinic.

Despite sticking to the most rigorous procedures (beyond those recommended by our Public Health Officials in British Columbia), such as disinfection, staggered treatment, mask usage, and screening, patients can still get physical therapy treatments without leaving their homes.

  • Ensures safety of the individual

Individuals with underlying health issues, such as immunocompromise or age, who want to receive virtual care services in the privacy of their own homes can benefit from our Tele-rehabilitation services.

Around this time of year, going to hospitals or clinics for consultations puts you at risk of catching a virus. COVID-19 infection has been linked to increased diabetes, hypertension, kidney, and lung disease in patients.

Another advantage of our online physiotherapy is that we get to see your house environment. This may be quite beneficial for surgical patients.

We can, for example, assess the safety of your home equipment, educate you on how to utilize it, educate you about your surgery

We can teach you how to navigate your home safely, and advise you on the best place to do vestibular rehabilitation or other manual treatments in your own home.

  • Ensures safety in the environment

For non-surgical patients, allowing us “into your home” virtually can assist us in developing the most efficient and beneficial personalized home exercise program for you and your house. You may not realize that we can use everyday items in your house and adapt them into fitness equipment until it is too late. A staircase, door frame, wall, stool, laundry detergent container, water bottle, etc., might be transformed into excellent at-home exercise equipment.

If you’re unsure if your home technology (computer and internet connection) is sufficient for our virtual platform or if Tele-rehab physiotherapy is appropriate for you, we can arrange a 15-minute consultation with a licensed physiotherapist at no cost. This session will help you navigate the virtual platform and ensure that high-quality physiotherapy service is delivered. We’llWe’ll also review whether your specific issues may be handled by physiotherapy.

  • Reaches more patients

More patients may be treated with virtual physiotherapy, especially in under-served rural regions. While rural areas have their own hospitals and clinics, urban areas have more centers, hospitals, or offices for specific medical needs. These cities are also busier centers for viral transmission.

  • Less time-consuming

Virtual consultation or virtual care is less time-consuming for the patient. Most patients have mobility issues, and getting ready for clinic visits is an added burden.

  • Cuts costs

The majority of Tele-rehab patients have mobility impairments. Further expenses are connected with travel, parking, and taking time off work. Some individuals leave their children at childcare, increasing the cost. While these expenditures appear little at first, they accumulate over time.

Even worse, some areas are so remote that patients must travel for hours and even sleep at a hotel to get an early appointment. High expenses cause some patients to forego consultations and rehabilitation, resulting in poor results.

  • Improves healthcare services

Physiotherapists must now assess acute problems and determine which circumstances need urgent ER care visits, thanks to tele-rehabilitation guidelines. Because patients are more confident in seeking healthcare advice regularly, outcomes and patient happiness have improved.

Yes, it is. The effectiveness of Tele-rehabilitation was compared to that of traditional delivery methods (in-person visit, in-person encounter, or in-person care). In this research, the treatments provided by Tele-rehabilitation or telemedicine are comparable to those given during in-person sessions at a Burnaby physiotherapist’s office.

COVID-19 has led physiotherapists to do away with distance and embrace telemedicine, virtual care, or virtual therapy for treatment. This remote setup allows for secure evaluation of patient outcomes and therapies through review, monitoring, and intervention.

Our expert Burnaby physiotherapy staff will help you quickly get back on your feet. During this first visit with your certified Physiotherapist, he or she will develop a treatment plan for normal care (regular) and a timeline to achieve your clinical goals.

The next step is to discuss the details of your treatment plan. This will include a discussion of what commitments you will have to make. It might also contain modifications to your lifestyle, such as exercise and managing your condition.

Your dedication to your treatment plan is vital in receiving satisfactory results from physical therapy. Our Registered Physiotherapist will establish a treatment strategy for basic care (normal) on a timeline to achieve your clinical aims during your first initial consultation (on our video conference platform).

Your doctor may prescribe a specific exercise program to help you prevent back pain. You will be told what commitment you must make to get the treatment. Your medical record will include anything from activity modifications to a home exercise program and management of your condition.

  • Activity modifications

Some modifications in behaviour include limiting movement and boosting it. Restricting activities include forbidding bending or lifting heavy objects with a specified weight limit. Striking, jogging and other activities that use strength are examples of actions that are usually harmful.

Athletes must quickly heal from any type of sports ailment or diagnosis. Virtual physiotherapists have undergone specific training in determining which activities stress muscles and can lead to running injuries. As a physiotherapy clinic in Burnaby, ReformPT has been renowned as one of the best clinics for virtual sessions. We have been able to gather a lot of positive client testimonials within a very short period.

  • Home exercise program

Exercises should be conducted securely, including muscular strengthening, muscle mass retention, and the maintenance of joint mobility.

Our trusted physiotherapist, Burnaby, demonstrates and offers exercise prescriptions for active rehabilitation (physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, postoperative recovery exercises, and exercise programming) to patients. Furthermore, after evaluation and analysis, it’s critical to provide tips on what to look out for before, during, and after workouts.

Some workouts, for example, need a person to have their blood pressure taken first. During the activity, the participant must look for any severe knee discomfort, pelvic floor discomfort, or other indications of injury diagnosis. Following the exercise, physiotherapists advise individuals to assess their bodies immediately after they have time to calm down.

  • Injury management

Individuals are happy with care plans that aren’t complicated, time-consuming, or expensive to implement and are more appealing than others. When patients are obedient to their treatment plan, recovery is typically faster. Companies also highly value safe, functional recovery and effective occupational therapy for employees or team members. Accidents at work or while playing sports result in significant time and money losses.

It’s comparable to learning a new topic in school. Suppose you do your homework regularly and stay focused on your objective. In that case, you’ll get results significantly faster than if you don’t put in the effort and wait for things to happen by themselves.

This will be addressed after completing your first evaluation and reviewing your personalized therapy plan with your Burnaby physiotherapist. Your physical therapist will assist you in finding the best approach to achieve your desired objectives by examining and analyzing your situation.

It is determined by how bad your injury/ailment is (if you want our help for injury remedies), how many other obligations you have, whether or not you work, and so on.

A single mother of three who is recovering from a sprained ankle, whose children are all educated at home, and a retiree who just had a total knee replacement will have a very distinct therapy approach and will be seen more or less frequently by their Physiotherapist.

Commitment therapies, in some cases, are required for patients. These tried-and-true treatments encourage people to embrace and commit to their therapy or manual treatment programs, resulting in better mobility more quickly.

Introductory sessions last 45 minutes and cost $105 each. Please allow 45 minutes for your first session to get acquainted with the system and operation.

Please verify with your extended health insurance provider whether they cover it. Your Physiotherapist administers your treatments. You’llYou’ll receive a receipt for your appointment information that you can submit to your extended health insurance provider.

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